Samsung Star GT-S5230

How to Install Games on Samsung Star ?

Posted on: August 21, 2009

Its very easy to install applications on your Samsung Star once you know how it is done. Java Games and applications come as .jar file along with a .jad file.You will only require the .jar file for this method.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to install games or applications on Samsung Star :

  1. Get the .jar file on your Computer.
  2. Go to a wap site. Id recommend
  3. Browse for your .jar file and upload it. We’ll call it  yourgame.jar
  4. Now ,On your cellphone browser, go to the URL  (ex. :
  5. Wait for the download to complete. Thats it!!

Note that your operator may charge you for the data transfer depending on the size of the .jar file. There is another ‘free’ method using TKFileExplorer which is popular but it is not ‘newbie’ friendly and I rather not post about it . 😛


27 Responses to "How to Install Games on Samsung Star ?"

how can i download games for my samsung gt-s5230

he man u must go to:

there u find a kinds of apps and stuff 😀
Games too!

good luck

hi i tried using tk file explorer, but while coping the jar file, microsoft reports an error and tf file explorer closes down…….
plsss help

wat port no did u give on tk file explorer

the default port .You dont have to change it.

i m also facing the same problem. when copied the file using tk file explorer it closed auomatically without showing any error.

then i dialed the number and Update Java DB but nothing happened

actually i can play games on my samsung s5230 until i updated my phone firmware and after that i can’t

i have tried every port no but no use
tell me wat to do yaar

i recieved error from microsoft and then my tkfe gets close down?
what i do?

plz? give idea.

try reinstalling the tkfe i guess… Its your best bet. I do not know the exact solution for this… you need to contact tkfe team or MS for this 😛

Hi here is a new method.
It does not require u to download andthing using WAP

nice method 🙂 …tested and works! thanks for posting…

but it will install in phone memory. which are limited, how to install in memory card??

If TkfileExplorer is not working and Lite FTP is annoying with ads, please use this method.…-games-in.html

what is Firmware of mobile? and how it is important to update for mobile? please briefly tell me i have no knowledge about it 😦

i have Samsung gt s5603.

how to install jar files in samsung star with out using gprs service

u just need to download a game from an example : and copy to your phone

Try this link.,

This is for all the people that have the TkFileExplorer crashing when downloading. It’s also an alternative method for installing games.
After a successful connection to the phone, when downloading the folder with the game, the TkFileExplorer kept crashing. I tried everything.
Reading other forums I’ve got this idea. Using PC Studio I copied the the folder with the game from my PC to the phone folder “Other files”.
Then, in the phone, you just go to Menu -> My Files -> Other files -> [Game Folder] and the click in the jad file. (Sorry if the folders name are not exact, but my phone is in portuguese)
It will ask you if you want to install. And that’s it. You can go now to “Games and More” and play the game.
Happy Gaming

do you have to pay for it?

Hello All, I am also an owner of this marvellous phone. I found a good way to install Apps and Games on it. I wrote a post about that here:

I downloaded some games but it are .exe files although they should be available for samsung gt s5230 can somebody explain me what to do

yur method works, but game will install in phone memory, which are limited.. How can i install to memory card???

Any one please help me out of this mess

I installed tkfileexplorer but when i connected the phone there is no port available in option..
Which option should be given when prompt is seen in phone???
gave both option pc stdio and mass storage
for both the com is not displayed.
please explain the process step by step…..

I found another way to do this and it is much more easier:

just put the .JAR file in the memory card (by USB) than go to the wap “menu”, and in the site field you just put ->> file:///mount/mmc/nameofthefile.jar

That’s it!

i have GTS 5230. it doesn’t support .jar games.what is the solution of it? can i install .jar file on it.please give me solution. and can yoiu gice me some cricket games which can play without WAP.?
thank u

hii.. if u have internet working in your mobile then it is very easy to download many amazing games….if you want to know the trick…do not hesitate to mail me on

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